Wondershare.com Website Review & Ratings + Wondershare Coupons
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Wondershare.com Website Review & Ratings + Wondershare Coupons

Wondershare also known as Wondershare Software Co., Ltd., is one of the largest and well-known multimedia software manufacturers and retailers online. The company is headquartered in China and has been in existence since 2003. The company sells its software exclusively online to consumers around the world. In addition to its main office in China, the company has offices in the U.S.A., Japan, Germany and Hong Kong.

Wondershare has developed a full suite of software that consumers around the world use to perform a variety of tasks, including but not limited to editing, burning, ripping and converting videos to other formats. Wondershare also produces software that helps consumers create beautiful digital and flash slideshows, photo galleries and photo albums. In addition to all of its video and photo editing software, the company also manufactures additional software that helps consumers tune and maintain their PCs, convert PDF documents into a wide-variety of editable and shareable formats, create business presentations, online e-courses and quizzes. Wondershare offers a free trial on all of its software it sells directly from the company's e-commerce store. Most of its software is available for free trials and purchase for PCs and Macs.

The company is active on Facebook and interacts with consumers directly from its website. Consumers can use the Live Chat button to speak directly with company representatives on standby. Currently, the company also offers a Name Your Own Price feature that consumers can use to negotiate their price on any of the software it offers for sale from its e-commerce store.

In addition to its full suite of software packages, Wondershare is also very popular because of its free gaming website. Each day hundreds of thousands of people around the world visit the company's gaming website to play all of its free games. Wondershare claims to have over 400,000 games that can be played by anyone, anywhere at anytime of the day or night. Individuals who love to play games can choose from action, sports, puzzle, racing, shooting, education, board games and many other types of games. Wondershare's gaming site is linked directly from its main website.

Although all of Wondershare's software packages are very popular, the company's best selling software packages are:

Consumers who purchase software from Wondershare are very happy with their purchases. The majority of all consumers who have purchased Video Converter Ultimate have had a positive experience and have indicated that the software works very well.

Wondershare manufactures and sells a wide-variety of other software as well. The company also manufacturers and sells a Streaming Audio Recorder, Vivideo, Wondershare Data Recovery, Photo Recovery, and Wondershare Media Library for In addition to PC Tuneup and 1-Click PC, Wondershare also sells a full suite of software designed to help consumers maintain their computer system online. Individuals can choose from a wide-variety of computer system purchases, including but not limited to Power Suite 2012, Live Boot CD, Win Suite 2012, Time Freeze and Disk Manager Free. Wondershare hopes to help consumers save a tremendous amount of money by offering consumers powerful tools and resources that they can use to maintain their computer without the help of a computer technician.

Except for its PC Tuneup and 1-Click PC software, Wondershare's photo editing and DVD creation software is designed to help individuals create, edit, play and share videos and photos with others. With the exception of its Streaming Audio Recorder, all of the software offers advanced editing features that will allow consumers to take control of their photos and video collection with an advanced set of tools that absolutely anyone with any degree of knowledge can use.

Video Converter Software

One of Wondershare's best selling software packages is its video converting software. With the use of multimedia increasing around the world, consumers need software that will help them perform some of the basic to more advanced functions. One of Wondershare's best sellers is its Video Converter Ultimate. Consumers can choose one of three packages offered by the company. The Video Converter Platinum, Pro or Ultimate Plan offer a different variation of video editing and conversion features. The Video Converter Ultimate packages includes absolutely every feature consumers need when it comes to editing, ripping, burning, converting and sharing videos on and offline. Although the Platinum and Pro do not include all the built-in advanced features that Video Converter Ultimate includes, consumers who do not need all the other built-in features can save money by buying either the Platinum or Pro versions of the software at a discount.

Wondershare Vivideo

With Wondershare's Vivideo software package, consumers are able to edit and create personal videos using a variety of resources such as audio, photo and videos. With a full range of editing features, consumers will be able to do things such a include transitions, include filters, crop, trim, make adjustments to the length and volume of their video. In addition to offering advanced video editing features, consumers will be able to share their videos with friends and family members. Wondershare Vivideo is available for PC and Mac users as well.

Wondershare DVD Creator

Consumers who purchase Wondershare's DVD Creator can perform a variety of functions, including burning any video, image or audio, including HD videos to DVD. With the built-in editor, consumers will be able to use DVD Creator to edit and enhance photos and videos and create outstanding DVD slideshows. The Wondershare DVD Creator is only available for use on PCs.

Streaming Audio Recorder

With Wondershare's streaming audio recorder, consumers can instantly record and save their favorite music from a variety of Internet websites directly to their computer from websites such as YouTube, Napster, Rhapsody and Pandora. The Streaming Audio Recorder filters out advertisements and pauses between songs. The Streaming Audio Recorder can be set up to work completely on autopilot. To capture and record songs at anytime of the day or night, even when they are away from home all they have to do is schedule the Streaming Audio Recorder to record whenever and however often they like.

Digital Photo Software

Wondershare offers three different digital and flash photos software programs individuals and businesses can put to use.

  • DVD Slideshow Software
  • Flash Slide software
  • Digital Scrapbooking Software

DVD Slideshow Software Deluxe and DVD Slideshow Software Standard

Consumers who purchase either the DVD Slideshow Software Deluxe or Standard package can create award-winning slideshows. The Deluxe package offers many more options than the Standard package. consumers who purchase the Deluxe package can choose from over 480+ pre-designed movie themes, 130+ 2D and 3D transitions and 150+ static and dynamic DVD menus. The Standard package only includes 210+ pre-designed movie themes.

Both the DVD Slideshow Software Deluxe and Standard packages are extremely easy-to-use and requires no prior video editing experience. The built-in wizard walks users through the entire process step-by-step. To complete the process, users simply choose their theme, drag-and-drop what they want to add to their timeline and then finalize their DVD. Once done, they can burn their photo slideshows to DVD and then upload and share their slideshows in a variety of ways, including but not limited to YouTube, Facebook and other social networking websites.

Flash Gallery Factory and Flash Gallery Factory Standard

With Wondershare's Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe, consumers can create their own interactive flash slideshows that can be embedded almost anywhere and upload to social networking websites such as YouTube, Facebook and Twitter. Consumers who choose this software do so because they can choose from over 120+ free templates or customize their own templates.

There are templates for almost every occasion, including but not limited to birthdays, weddings, special events, holiday and other occasions. In addition to the full range of templates, consumers choose Wondershare's Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe because they can enhance their slideshows with 3D transitions and effects. This software requires no prior experience and is extremely easy to use. To get started, consumers simply select the template they want to use and then use the drag-and-drop feature to select photos they want to include in their slideshow. Consumers who are not looking for all the interactive flash features, Flash Gallery Factory Deluxe offers, can choose to download Flash Gallery Factory Standard instead.

Digital Scrapbooking Software

Millions of people around the world scrapbook each day. Digital scrapbooking software has become extremely popular over the past several years. With this software, consumers can create their very own digital scrapbooks that can be shared on Facebook and Flickr.

Photo Collage Studio

Another favorite is Wondershare's Photo Collage Studio software. With this software, consumers can create photo collages, photo calendars and greeting cards.

PC Tune-Up Software and Apps

Wondershare also offers software that helps consumers keep maintain their computer with advanced tune-up software and data/photo recovery software. In addition to all of the software it develops and manufactures for computers, the company also offers software and apps for both iTunes, iPod and Android.

Wondershare's Business Software

Wondershare also sells training tools and presentation software designed to help businesses achieve results. Training tools can be used for a variety of purposes, including creation of online quizzes. Wondershare's presentation software allows businesses to create stunning flash presentations and e-courses.

Wondershare: What makes it different?

Wondershare is a leader in the software industry because it offers free trials and low prices. The main advantage of buying software like Wondershare's Video Converter Ultimate is that consumers do not have to purchase additional software to perform tasks such as screen capture and recording and conversion of 2D videos to 3D videos. Companies such as Movavi and AVS do not bundle these features in with their video converter, so consumers must purchase them separately. Wondershare separates itself from the rest by offering all of the following to consumers:

  • Special Offer
  • Free Trials
  • Promotions - Name Your Price
  • Low Prices
  • Support Live Chat Support
  • Support Via Feedback Form Online
  • Telephone Support
  • Extensive FAQ's Online Support
  • Online downloads and retrieval of software registration codes

In addition to superior Live Chat support options and high-quality software products with a ton of built-in features, Wondershare also offers a wide-variety of software for consumers to purchase.


Wondershare Video Converter Available For PCs and Macs

In addition to offering consumers a variety of features to choose from, Wondershare's Video Converter helps to put an end to video compatibility issues. Wondershare's software helps consumers watch and play videos on a variety of computers and handheld devices.

Full Range of Benefits Available

Video Converter Ultimate is one of the best and fastest video converters on the market. Comparing its features to video conversion software offered by competitors such as Movavi and AVS, it is clear that Wondershare's Video Converter Ultimate package offers more built-in advanced technology. For instance, consumers who purchase the Video Converter Ultimate will be able to convert any normal video into a 3D movie. In addition, consumers who buy Video Converter Ultimate will also be able to use the screen capture and record feature as well. Those features are not included with Movavi's Video Converter and must be purchased separately.

  • burning videos to a DVD disc
  • folder or ISO files
  • ripping DVDs to any video or audio format
  • downloading and capturing web videos
  • converting videos to practically any format

These are just some of the features offered by the Video Converter Ultimate. There are many other built-in features offered by this exceptional video converter software. Consumers who need to perform things such a burn, rip download, convert and among tasks will have to buy Video Converter Ultimate because the other versions do not include all the features.

Video Converter Platinum, Pro or Ultimate

Consumers who choose Wondershare for their Video Converter can choose what software package offers all the features they are looking for. Many companies that sell video converters sell one converter and do not offer variations of what is included with the converter.

Video Converter Platinum

Wondershare's Video Converter Platinum is strictly for video converting and does not include all of the additional features offered with either the Pro or the Ultimate versions of Wondershare's Video Converter.

Video Converter Pro

Consumers who download Video Converter Pro will have two other features not included with Video Converter Platinum. In addition to converting videos, consumers will also be able to rip and remove DRM as well.

Video Converter Ultimate

Consumers looking for all the advanced features should purchase Video Converter Ultimate. This software allows consumers to rip, convert videos to any format, convert regular 2D videos to 3D videos, remove DRM, burn DVDs, download videos and record any videos online. In addition to all of the above, the Video Converter Ultimate package also allows consumers to screen capture and record video as well.

Other Benefits - Wondershare's Video Converter Converts Videos 6X Faster

Whatever software package consumers pick, Wondershare's Video Converter works 6x faster than most video converters. Although Movavi's video converter indicates that it works 8x faster, both Wondershare and Movavi use the same processing technology Nvdia Cuda.

Easy-to-Use Robust Features

Consumers who buy Wondershare's Video Converter software will also find performing most tasks easy-to-do with Wondershare Video Converter software's drag-and-drop feature. Wondershare's drag-and-drop features makes burning, ripping and converting videos extra easy. When comparing easy-to-use features, there is no indication that this drag-and-drop feature is offered by Movavi.

Convert Videos To Most Formats

Videos can be converted to a full range of formats, including but not limited to MPG, AVI, MP4, WMV, FLV, 3GP and MKV. Once converted, videos can be played back on a variety of devices, including but not limited to the iPod , iPad, iPhone, iTunes, PSP, TIVO, Adobe Premiere Pro, Windows Media, Player and HTC. In addition to its full playback and conversion features, consumers use the software to record and download videos from popular video sharing websites such as YouTube.

Built-In 3D Conversion Feature

Consumers who buy Wondershare's Video Converter Ultimate package will enjoy using this software's advanced 3D conversion feature to convert any normal 2D video into a 3D movie. Wondershare's competitors, including Movavi does not bundle this built-in 3D conversion in with its video converter and must be purchased separately.

Individuals who buy Wondershare's Video Converter Ultimate package will enjoy using the 3D video converter to convert any normal video to a 3D format. This 3D feature can be used to create 3D movies for watching and sharing on YouTube. The software works with all the various types of 3D glasses, including shutter technology, ED glasses, anaglyph and polarization glasses. The video converter feature of this software can be used to convert 3D movies for playback in a variety of formats, including 3D AVI, 3D MKV, 3D MP4 and 3D WMV.

Download, Import and Convert Videos For Playback on Most Devices

Wondershare's Video Converter Ultimate can do almost anything and everything consumers need to do, including but not limited to capturing and recording video onscreen and downloading videos from anywhere, including popular video sharing websites like YouTube and Google. Many video converters do not bundle these features in with their video converter.

In addition to downloading videos online, consumers can also seamlessly import video files for conversion and playback with a touch of a button from a wide-variety of devices and phones such as Android phones, Blackberry, HTC, digital cameras, camcorders, PSP, PS3 and others. import files Consumers can capture and record videos directly from their screen with the advanced screen capture function. After downloading and capturing videos, consumers can convert to a variety of formats for playback in a variety of formats on any device, including but not limited to the iPod, Windows Phone 7, iPad and iPhone 4.

Advanced Editing Features Included

Consumers who use Wondershare's Video Converter Ultimate can also perform advanced editing functions as well. With this software consumers can fully customize their movies by adjusting the color, resolution, adding special effects, adding watermarks, cropping, rotating, trimming and merging video clips from various sources into one movie. In addition to all of its editing capabilities, consumers can also use the software to extract audio from video for playback as a MP3.

Wondershare vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Wondershare)

Two of Wondershare's leading competitors are Movavi and AVS.  Both Movavi and AVS sell video and photo editing software. Although both AVS and Movavi have a lot of software for sale, the companies do not offer the same range of software products that Wondershare does.   Both Wondershare and Movavi offer video conversion software for both PCs and Mac. The AVS Video Converter is only available for PCs.   One of the main distinctions between the video converter offered by Movavi, AVS and Wondershare is that both Movavi and AVS offer additional features called create html page, new DVD Chapter creator and use preview button feature. AVS also offers blu-ray conversion as well.  Even though at first glance it seems as though users will get more with Movavi's and AVS's Video Converter, both companies fall short because these companies do not include several important built-in features that Wondershare includes with its video converter. 

From a convenience and pricing standpoint, Wondershare's Video Converter is better option even though blu-ray video conversion is not included.  Wondershare's software is a better option because consumers who purchase their video converter from either Movavi or AVS will not receive a built-in 3d video conversion or a screen capture and record tools.   These two optional features are bundled in with Wondershare's video conversion software.  Consumers who purchase their video converting software from either Movavi or AVS will have to purchase screen capture and recording software and 2D to 3D video converter software separately.  Wondershare's Video Capture Ultimate software is truly the superior all-in-one video capture package on the market.

In addition to video converter software, Movavi and AVS offer other multimedia software, but not the full range of software offered by Wondershare. Consumers should exercise caution when purchasing software from Movavi and AVS, even if the price is lower, because they may wind up spending more at the end.  

Wondershare: Pricing & packages

As a whole, consumers who purchase software from Wondershare will get more for their money. In addition to offering superior support, Wondershare includes more built-in features with its software than both Movavi and AVS. From a pricing standpoint, consumers who fail to do their research may think they are getting a better deal from Movavi or AVS because the software appears to be cheaper at first glance. However, when doing a side-by-side comparison of pricing, it seems consumers are getting the better deal by purchasing their video converting software from Movavi and AVS because their pricing is lower. However, consumers who do not do their research will ultimately have to purchase additional software from Movavi and AVS to perform additional tasks. At the end, consumers will save and get more for their money by purchasing Video Converter Ultimate from Wondershare.

Wondershare: Product images & screenshots
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Wondershare: Customer reviews & comments

The majority of all consumers who have purchased software from Wondershare have nothing but good things to say about their experience with the company and software they purchased. In addition to providing superior customers service, the company offers a try before you buy, so customers know what they are getting . Overall, consumers have been content with the level of support they have received from Wondershare. In addition, most are very happy with the performance of their software. Consumers have described Wondershare's software as "powerful", "easy-to-use" and "magical". Most consumers have been delightfully surprised with the outcome of their projects. Most consumers recommend the product they have purchased and would purchase the software again.

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