Slidebean vs Loomio vs Prezi: Presentation and Collaboration Software Reviewed
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Slidebean vs Loomio vs Prezi: Presentation and Collaboration Software Reviewed

Slidebean is an effective choice for individuals who need to put together professional presentations in a hurry from a starting point of no knowledge. It has a short learning curve and logins to expedite the process. Loomio is ideal for the open-source inclined who need help making decisions as a team. Prezi is like a combination of the two, appealing to those who need to create presentations together in a larger group.
Covered in this report
Slidebean — Best Features
Six different ways to sign up through other services like Facebook or Google Plus.
Multi-factor authentication means your presentations will stay safe.
Best for: Beginners looking to get started with their first presentation quickly.
Loomio — Best Features
Group event notifications from mobile and other platforms.
Automatic decision archive makes it so that the service creates meeting notes for you.
Best for: Small businesses looking for better communication software for collaboration.
Prezi — Best Features
Hand over presenter permissions remotely to someone else.
Extensive mobile options such as for iPad or iPhone.
Best for: Those seeking to do presentations with a group from a mobile platform.

Finding the perfect presentation and collaboration software can be a bit challenging. Fortunately, there are plenty of options out there and these options are diverse enough to give you a range of styles. One of them should at least fit the bill. Here are a few such options along with their various attributes.


Slidebean is designed for helping beginners get their presentations done with minimal extra issues. It has strong compatibility and security features and two languages.


  • Two Languages-You can set the service to work with either English or Spanish, which isn’t the case for all such services.
  • Data Encryption-You can encrypt your sensitive data while it’s “at rest” or not being presented or used.
  • Free Trial Without Credit Card-You can try out Slidebean on a trial basis for free after signing up. They don’t make you give them your credit card either, which is a plus if you’re worried about being constantly charged afterward.
  • Dedicated Account Manager- When you sign up for the paid version, you’ll get one person who will always handle your situation. This way, you don’t have to go through it again every time you get redirected through support.
  • Category Templates-You can choose between Startup Founders, Marketing Agencies, Students/Teachers and Business Managers for templates. This will give you a leg up for getting going quickly if you’re a beginner.


Loomio is a group sharing and collaboration service that specializes in cutting down how much time group meetings and decisions take. They do this through features that help notify everyone and keep them informed without necessarily having to do full second by second meetings that take hours constantly.


  • Free Group Trial-The blue button on the main page will allow you to set up a free group so that you can start making decisions and putting presentations together for free.
  • In-person Training-Apparently, if you go to the right area, you can actually get in-person training to help you learn the service.
  • Extensive Guides and Case Studies-The service has an entire section for case studies which include allowing you to shorten your meetings from many hours to just half an hour through the service by showing you exactly how someone did this.
  • More Than Thirty Languages-Loomio has a leg up over the competition when it comes to language options because there are over 30 here and they even offer inline translation that happens automatically.


Prezi has a number of features for presenters that are well-suited to a mobile environment.


  • Free Downloads and EBooks-There are plenty of freebies on the site involving eBooks such as those dealing with increasing sales or interfacing well with your boss.
  • Hand Over presenter Permissions-You can hand over presenter permissions for presentations remotely through the service. This will help a lot if you have to be far away while a presentation is happening.
  • Mobile Flexibility-There are a number of options available through mobile including how you can present on both desktops and mobile devices, and how you can use a touchscreen iPhone App. Plus, you can customize your own iPhone app as well. You can store presentations on your desktop or mobile device, or upload it to the cloud.
  • Public Presentions for Free-You can use public presentations through the service for free as long as you keep that setting. This is why Prezi is known as having a “Freemium” model.

Head to Head


Slidebean costs $8 per month and you can also try out a free trial if you wish. You get a considerable number of features for this price, including as many presentations as you want, a number of business templates, and full customization for your fonts and colors. It will also remove the watermark that shows up when you do the free trial, which is going to be important if you’re worried about maximizing professionalism.

Loomio has a free option which lets you run just one group, though you can put as many members into it as you want and make as many decisions as you want. This is apparently supported by donations.  The “Standard” option is $19 per month, making it more expensive than some options, though you get extras with it like integration with Slack and your own domain. Then, there’s a huge price jump to “Pro” which is nearly $100 per month.

Prezi is free to use if you make your presentations public, searchable, viewable and usable by others. This is how the service pays for your free account, since others subscribing can use them. Otherwise, you pay $9 per month for the “Enjoy” range which gives you 4 GB of storage, the ability to turn things private and access your presentations on any device. You also get premium support this way. If you want image editing tools and offline access, you have to go up to the “Pro” version at $15 per month that gives you unlimited storage.The Pro Plus option is considerably less than the highest option from Loomion, which is at $100 per month or so, since the Prezi version is just $25 per month where you also get advanced training, though this is only in English.

Overall, Prezi and Slidebean are more compatible services than since Loomio focuses more on decision-making than on presentations as such. The costs of Slidebean and Prezi are more comparable at low levels, however since Loomio requires you to jump right to $19 per hour.  Beyond that, the costs of the three are fairly similar based on use and level.


Slidebean lets you sign up quick and easy with multiple options including Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter, Linked In, Microsoft Live, and Slack. You can export to PDF or PowerPoint after you finish your project. You can do slide branding with the logo for your company as well. There’s a presentation tracking tool for you to use, and you’ll end up with a dedicated account manager to make sure that they always know your particular situation. There’s a good number of different support options through the site as well, including a Knowledge Base and FAQ page if you want to look stuff up yourself, a lvie chat option in the bottom right, phone support, and full video tutorials. This is why this service is particularly well-suited for beginners.

Loomio is all about the group collaboration element with features like constant notifications to keep you I the loop for what your group is doing. You can stay participating with the group both through email or through a mobile device. There is absolutely more of a group focus here than with Slidebean. You can use other means for creating presentations through Loomio, including sharing them, but not as much doing this through the site.You can choose who’s responsible for decision making, and there’s a number of options for controlling granular privacy through the service as well. You can make sessions private or public with plenty of options in between. The service is designed to let you work through issues instead of just going with mob rule that favors whoever happens to have more votes. The goal is to work through the issues instead.

Prezi lets you create and alter presentations and this is their main feature. They actually call these “Prezis” which is part of the gimmick of the site. You can import media of all sorts including video, pictures, and others right into your presentations. There are full zoom and pan options per slide, and the site also has options for using shared folders to edit presentations as a group. So, in this way, Prezi is a bit like a combination of both Slidebean and Loomio. If you used both those services, you could artifice something similar to what Prezi does in terms of letting groups make presentations simultaneously. Additionally, you have the option to do presentations even when you’re offline through Prezi, although this does definitely require a higher level of subscription, the one that costs $25 per hour, to be precise. Some of the other interesting features that Prezi contains includes the ability to work with a custom iPhone app and full access to a presentations library that’s largely crowdsourced from free users.

Overall, Slidebean is the best choice for beginners because of the quick sign up options, the free trial, and the intuitive controls when compared to other options. After all, beginners are often going to want to avoid trying to do a lot of sign up and registration. It also has plenty of tools that will make beginners feel more comfortable with letting you export to PowerPoint or PDF. Loomio is definitely a different kind of animal altogether with its focus on creating proposals in a group and then spinning off disagreements from there to work through. The only real overlap in features is in terms of adding information about presentations and making decisions about it in Loomio. But in this case, you can get some synergy between the two groups going.Prezi has the advantage over Slidebean in terms of mobile options since most reviewers say that mobile support for Slidebean is rather lacking, whereas this is one of the specialties of Prezi.


Slidebean has user reviews that are positive from Get App at 4.9 out of 5 with a few reviews as well as Capterra which gives it the full 5 out of 5 with over 10 reviews. Positive comments include that the service is easy to use for beginners. Some negatives were that it’s harder for some users to operate through mobile. Reviewers also worry about the lack of data backup options in more than one geographical region. The sense from the reviews is that many people who had no idea what they were doing beforehand when it came to putting together a presentation, were able to get something professional-looking put together quickly and with little hassle through the service. A lot of complaints seemed to center around those who were already more professional and knew what they were doing and missed certain features from more high-end options.

Loomio gets some strong reviews from both Get App and Capterra, which both review them near 5. There are plenty of strong positive reviews from individuals who give it glowing reviews on how the service makes decision-making easier. They also like how its open-sourced in various different ways. Reviews are also positive about the support options that you get for helping you to figure out any particular problems that pop up. People appreciate Loomio largely because there apparently aren’t a lot of other options for both communications and decision-making tools that’s aimed at small groups.

Prezi has been reviewed by PCMag at 4 out of 5 as well as at Get App at 4.7 out of 5 with over 75 votes. The pro reviewer at PcMag pointed out that the site has positives including animations with a smooth appearance as well as a strong ability to import images. The criticism was that you can’t do offline editing at all without the highest level of subscription.Reviewers definitely seem to like the large number of different options offered in terms of features, however, and the fact that it works no matter what your level of need is. For example, freelancers who need to collaborate temporarily on a presentation can use the software, as well as a full small business that needs to all work together. But the whole thing will still scale up as well, with subscription plans that will work for mid-sized businesses as well. Review sites even recommend using it for public administrations if that’s what your need is.

Overall, reviews tell the story of which software service you should use based on your particular needs. Those who have never done a presentation before tend to go straight to Slidebean when they need to get something professional up there and ready in a hurry, as opposed to small companies looking for communication that highly recommend Loomio. There’s also a lot of goodwill aimed at Loomio from reviews given the fact that the team there has a highly open-source approach that isn’t so jealous of secrets. 

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