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Nova Development is a software company that makes home and living software that can be used for home design and digital photography software. The company makes print creativity software that can be used to design and print business cards, t-shirts and greeting cards.

Nova Development also makes office and utility software such as Parallels Desktop Software for Mac.

Nova Development makes a wide variety of useful language training software under the Berlitz brand. The company is well known for producing language training software for students of the English language. Persons who want to learn other languages, such as Japanese and Italian, also choose Berlitz software produced by Nova Development.

Nova Development: What makes it different?

Nova Development software is attractively packaged for persons of different ages. Their products stand out because they are easy to load and don’t require any additional computer knowledge. Their software is unique in that their products offer more choices but are easier to use than other brands. Their products are designed with the needs of the customer in mind.

The language training lessons, for example are structured differently to cater to the learning needs of adults, and the learning needs of children effectively.

Nova Development designs the Chinese lessons for children in a way that facilitates discovery learning. Children who are using Nova Development software to learn Chinese travel in the lessons with a Chinese child, Kai-Lan, as she visits various places in China.

They learn new words and phrases as they cone up and are able to apply them in their correct context. This learning structure better facilitates learning because it uses the principle of immersion in the language, for the time that the children are studying that lesson.

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Nova Development vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Nova Development)

Individual Software makes software products that are similar to those offered by Nova Development for the resume software market. Individual software also makes personal development software and educational software such as Typing Instructor Deluxe, the Professor Teaches Series and the Individual Training Series for computer-based training.

Individual Software’s most competitive product is ResumeMaker. It is an effective replacement for a resume service. Customers like the product but complain that the ResumeMaker software has a lot of bugs.

The product developed by Nova Development is called Winway and does not have any bugs. Some customers don’t like some of the resume examples that are available on the software and find the word choices limiting.

Rosetta Stone is a leading developer of language learning software for English, French, German and a number of other languages. Rosetta Stone software receives good reviews for developing good pronunciation skills in their clients, however the software does not expose students to much of the culture of the country. Rosetta Stone courses also give less conversation practice than Nova Development courses.

Nova Development: Pricing & packages

Individual Software’s ResumeMaker product retails for $29.99. The software offers more than 1,300 resume choices.

The product developed by Nova Development retails for about $37.77 which means that it is more expensive. Customers who purchase this product get more than 250 professional themes, with sharp graphics. Resumes can be printed using any printer or fax that is compatible with Microsoft Windows.

The software for each language course developed by Rosetta Stone costs almost $600, which makes it far more expensive than a Nova Development course.

A Nova Development language learning course retails for 39.95. Their software package gives you three ways to learn the language, advanced speech recognition to help you perfect your accent and interactive games to put the fun back in learning.

Nova Development: Product images & screenshots
Nova Development Coupons
Nova Development: Customer reviews & comments

“Winway Resume Deluxe is a product that really does all the work for you.” TechRepublic

"I am most impressed with the 'JOBS' function that allows me to run a keyword search and find every posted position anywhere in the country in one location." William Green, Houston, Texas

“My Resume was hand crafted using Winway Resume Deluxe 11.0. It could not have been more effective in getting me hired!” Workin Willy, August, 2005

“Good product. I like the multiple learning channels that come included in the package. Interactive, audio, mp3, "flash cards." There is plenty of opportunity to have the opportunity to learn wherever you happen to be. This product was recommended to me -- and I would recommend it to others.” Larry, October 2011 on the Nova Development Berlitz Course

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